Groups will work with a professional photographer and digital artist to take photos of areas of historical interest in Newton Abbot, exploring documentary and architectural photography. They will then create artworks combining photos in digital software, crafting them into impressive digital panels.



Kate is currently working with students from Newton Abbot Adult Education Centre with support from Barbara Kernick and her team. The group are enjoying their photography sessions and are now working in the computer room, learning how to create beautiful artworks with their photos. The results are impressive and will uploaded to the gallery when their work is complete.

Intrepid photographers worked with Kate at the Museum on Saturday 3rd March. Photographers of all ages ventured out and about with their cameras capturing close-up details of patterns and textures in the area around the museum. The group then worked as a team on the computer to blend their photos together to create two beautiful artworks live on screen - contemporary digital art inspired by panels that were created over 500 years ago!