Fantastic, hands-on opportunities will be taking place over the year for members of the community throughout Newton Abbot to get creative with the Heart of Oak project. A team of artists from The Moveable Feast Workshop Company will be inspiring, stimulating and kindling interest in the screen through an array of creative and inventive arts workshops, where people will be able to make their own artworks in response to the magnificent Sandford Orleigh carving.Most of the workshops will be taking place with targetted groups, but a series of open, public workshops will happen across the year.






Come and find out about this inspiring project and see the amazing artwork produced by young and old alike,

all this creativity came from the designs within the renaissance carvings......and there is yet another opportunity

to work with an artist, during this exhibition.........the date will be confirmed shortly!

Cllr Gordon Hook has generously given the project a grant to support the art workshop during the exhibition!

For more info. please ring Felicity on 01626-201121

Latest Workshop News

20th October 2012
Well, its been a while since we have posted any workshop news, but the latest news is that all of the workshops for the project are now complete and Kate Green is working on putting images together to make exhibition panels about all that has happened since the start of the project. Members of Newton Abbot Photography group and volunteers from the museum worked with artist Kate Green in the IT suite of Newton Abbot library to learn about digital manipulation and to craft artworks using the photos that they had taken. The results are stunning, resulting in the creation of a set of digital artworks inspired by the Sandford Orleigh Screen. Well done to everybody invovled! The very final workshop was headed by artist Karen Abadie who worked with parents and children at the fabulous site run by the childrens centre team on Decoy allotments. Parents and children used clay and plaster to create lots of beautiful artworks using found objects, acorns, oak leaves and more. Apart from encouraging their creative talents, the session provided opportunities for the children for language development, progressing fine motor skills and for an exploration of the world around them, not to mention getting messy with clay!!

We will keep people posted about the next stage of the workshop programme which will be the sharing of all work at a grand exhibition in the town (location to be confirmed, watch this space!) as well as a smaller, touring exhibition to various sites across Newton Abbot throughout the Autumn and Winter months.


20th July 2012

Hopefully you will have seen the fantastic animation created by the Newton Abbot Scout Group - its really fun and lovely to see the group working too.

Things have been pretty busy in the land of the Heart of Oak workshops and all of the projects are nearly at an end. The clay and casting sessions are nearly complete with artist Karen Abadie working with pupils at Haytor View Primary School in Buckland to make fantastic sculpted story panels. She has also been working at different Children Centre sessions across Newton Abbot involving mums and toddlers in clay and casting techniques. Most recently she was working with little Nature Explorers on the Decoy allotments.

Kate Green, Digital photography artist, has spent a day with members of Newton Abbot Photographic Club as well as other keen photographers looking at capturing some abstract imagery from the Newton town landscape. They are currently trying to fix a date and venue to undertake a day of training in the photographic manipulation softward Adobe Photoshop where they will create digital artworks that reflect the beauty of the original Sandford Orleigh Screen. Watch this space for more news about how they get on. The next major task for the arts side of the project is the creation of an exhibition that will share all that has been produced over the last 12 months. We will let you know where and when you will be able to view the work and we are hoping to have it up in the town over the Summer months.

New Animation created by Newton Abbot Scout Group

On Saturday 23rd June Newton Abbot Scout Group completed their animation they had been working on with Stu Dawson . They worked really hard and put in a lot of effort to produced this upbeat animated film.

WELL DONE to all of them!

To view small videos about the project and the workshops so far and animations visit the Heart of Oak Vimeo Channel at

16th April
Students at Coombeshead College worked with animator Stu Dawson and Mentee Lucy Richards to create fantastic animations about the screen. Visit the Vimeo Heart of Oak Channel to see their work (

Adult Education students from Newton Abbot have used cameras and computers to create beautiful digital artworks inspired by all they have learnt about the screen. Photographer and digital artist Kate Green was supported by mentee Virginie Bourinet and they helped the students use cameras to capture the patterns and textures out and about in Newton Abbot. They then used the programme Adobe Photoshop to create multi-layered work. Kate is currently joining their images together and will upload them to the gallery soon.

Doug King-Smith has been working with parents and children who are members of the Woodcraft Folk. They have created designs after learning about the Sandford Orleigh Screen and are currently learning to carve them into pieces of oak. They will be working with Doug on Saturday 21st to progress and complete their work.

14th March
More groups taking part. Photographer and digital artist Kate Green is working with a group of Adult Education students with learning difficulties. They have spent an afternoon out and about in the town and in Newton Abbot market experimenting with their cameras. They have also worked in the computer suite at the Adult Education centre to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and to start to create digital artworks. They have two more sessions working with Kate, so watch this space.

Stuart Dawson will be working with students at Coombeshead College on 19th and 20th March when they will have a two-day immersive experience in the world of animation. We eagerly await their outcomes.

Doug King-Smith will be working with his group at Decoy park all day on 17th March where they will complete their carved panels. Do pop along and have a look if you are in the area. Doug will also be running a free wood carving workshop for anybody to join in with on Saturday 24th March at the clock tower between 10am and 12noon. All welcome.

10th March
A group of photographers took their cameras out around the museum during the Saturday workshop on 3rd March, to capture images inspired by the Sandford Orleigh screen. The photographers ranged in age from 7 to over 60 and thoroughly enjoyed their mission of taking abstract photos of the patterns and textures around us. They then worked collaboratively using image manipulation software to create two beautiful digital panels, blending their photographs and adding special effects. The results are sumptuous!

19th February - Fantastic workshops have been taking place this weekend. The animation workshop had a mix of ages learning animation with Stu Dawson. Using the Sandford Orleigh screen as inspiration animators created their own symbolic, animated panels. See their work come to life by visiting the Heart of Oak Channel on Vimeo

On Sunday the first wood carving group started their work with Doug King-Smith in the idyllic surroundings of Decoy Country Park A large piece of oak provided the base for the beginnings of the groups designs. They will be working with Doug again on 17th March to complete their carvings.

1st February - Images from work at Bradley Barton and Wolborough schools have been added to the Workshop Gallery - do click onto the Gallery and see the photos. The story making workshop on Saturday 21st Jan had a mix of ages all having a go at writing their stories about the screen. Lots of fantastic work came out of the Saturday morning session. We will upload some of the work soon. The felt making workshop on 4th February is fully booked and so we wait to see what fabulous felt creations are made. Arts project coordinator, Kate Green is currently working to organise groups for the animation, clay and casting and for the photography and digital art. Coombeshead College will be hosting animator Stuart Dawson and photographer Kate Green is hoping to work with a group from Newton Abbot Adult Education team. Dates are confirmed for Doug King-Smith to work with the Woodcraft Folk group and also with Decoy school and recruitment of participants from these groups is underway.

6th January - We have programmed all of the dates for the free public workshops that will be taking place during the next four months in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall, 9 Devon Square, Newton Abbot (just up from the war memorial) All of the workshops will take place between 10 am and 12 noon. They are FREE! Places for each workshop are limited so you will need to book your place. Contact Jo Wright at Newton Abbot Council on 01626 210120. The range of workshops on offer are exciting opportunities to learn more about the screen but to turn your hand to animation, story making, photography and more!

21st January - Story making with Tony Gee.

4th February - Felt making with Carol Timms

18th February - 2d Animation with Stuart Dawson

3rd March - photography with Kate Green

21st April - Clay work and casting with Karen Abadie

There is also a special WOOD CARVING WORKSHOP taking place at the clock tower in the centre of town with Doug King-Smith on Saturday 24th March between 10 am and 12 noon. Just come along and have a go at carving with expert tuition from Doug. No need to book a place.

28th November - Tony Gee and Anna Cantoni have worked with students at Bradley Barton School. Felicity Cole the curator from the Museum started their two days of workshops with a slide show and talk about the history of the screen which fascinated the children. Tony and Anna then inspired the children to create stories and puppets about the wood carvers and the stories hidden in the wood carvings. The children will be finishing their time with Tony and Anna soon when they plan and put on a show in the school.

Felt maker, Carol Timms and mentee Emily Swann have started their work with pupils at Wolborough School. The children have used beautifully dyed fleece to create fantastic felt artworks to be put together into two panel-inspired hangings. The children will be working with Carol and Emily again on Friday 2nd December to turn their fleece into felt using soap, warm water and friction. Watch this space and the gallery for news and pictures of their work.

14th November - both of the felt making groups from the Museum have completed their work with feltmaker Carol Timms and have made two beautiful felt wall hangings inspired by the Sandford Orleigh Screen. 18 women worked with Carol over four sessions, firstly looking at the patterns in the screen and then creating their own felt versions of the panels. The results are wonderful and both of the wall hangings are now adorning the walls of the Council Chamber in the Town Hall. View images from the workshops on the Gallery Pages.

20th October 2011- Museum volunteers and Friends of the Museum have formed a group to work with felt maker Carol Timms. The ladies worked in two groups with Carol using beautiful fleece to create felt panels evocative of the Sandford Orleigh screen. Visit the gallery to see images of what they have made.

14th October 2011 - Wood carver Doug King-Smith helped people turn their hand to wood carving on Wednesday at the Clock Tower with people of all ages trying carving for the first time. People worked with Doug and mentee Oscar to carve acorns, and oak leaves into two giant slabs of oak.

12th October 2011 - The first art workshops have taken place. First off the blocks was Storymaking and Puppets taking place in Bearnes Primary School on 10th and 11th October with artist Tony Gee with his mentee Anna. volunteers from the Museum have been making felt artworks on Friday mornings with Carol Timms with more to come on 21st, 28th October and 11th November.

Visit the gallery to see fabulous images from all of the activities.



18th July 2011 - A FREE workshop 'taster' day was held in the Great Hall at Hannah's at Seale-Hayne, Newton Abbot on Sunday 17th July 2011.


Over 130 people attended the workshops, young, old and in-betweens.

They were all very enthusiastic and enjoyed trying out all the workshops. The felt-makers made all sorts of coloured hearts,and a beautiful oak tree appeared among all sorts of creative pieces.

Clay casting was very popular with all ages, oak leaves and many other inspirational designs were cast.

People tried out all the workshops available, the animation and digital workshops were surrounded by eager people waiting their turn to have a go.

On the Arts Workshop Launch by HOO volunteer TW

I quite like making things, but not as much as the 130 happy people who joined 5 artists at the launch of the Heart of Oak Project.

On a wet Sunday, what better way to spend a day than being creative?

I watched young people tune out the world and lose themselves in writing poetry. Over there fingers were pressing leaves in the surprisingly clean art of clay casting. In another space, parents and grandparents joined the young in the colourful art of making felt - holding up their afternoon’s work with glee. And over in the corners, all comers were totally absorbed in the patient work of making photographic collages and in a joint animation - making the slow motion of leaves and fruit rise and fall around an oak tree.

I don’t think anyone was disappointed with their day of being creative - and chatting with others about the fun they were having.
And the reason for all this activity was not lost on these folks. They were at Hannah’s to help launch the Heart of Oak Project - to restore and conserve the Sandford Orleigh screen. On this day, the simple themes of Hearts and Oaks prevailed, but as the project moves on, and the screen begins to reappear into the public gaze, the inspiration for future art sessions will be drawn from the screen itself - what a wonderful opportunity for the town.

Many children made books and then spent three hours writing stories and poems! The quality of the work was quite amazing.

A continious presentation of the history of the screen informed all the visitors of how the conservation and arts realted projects are linked together.

Photographs will be added to the gallery as soon as possible.

These workshops will be offered to inspire people from local schools, communities and groups. There will also be a range of open, public workshops taking place in the town as part of the year-long arts programme.

All of the work created during the project will go on show in a touring exhibition at venues around the town and at a celebratory event in the Summer months of 2012.

For information about the workshops taking place click on the links below. You can also contact Kelly Burridge at Newton Abbot Town Council on 01626 201 120

The workshops available throughout the year will cover: